Friday, 28 December 2007

The Year of the Geek

Just a top ten, from Wired magazine, naming the 10 coolest scientific breakthroughs of the year - movies have it, albums have it, what about SCIENCE?!

My faves, subjectively and not-so-much, are numbers 1, 8, 10 and probably 4 (since I'm an O-, and Rett Syndrome is something I don't have ), in that order. Go check them out, you'll be a little bit smarter by the time you're done, guaranteed. Yeah.

I love our times. Go install FoldingatHome. And may you have a happy new year.


Oneiros said...

Definitely 8. If only one of the other breakthroughs were, say, "Jump drive commercially available", we could scoot there to check out those planets, and escape those spear carrying monkeys.

Mel said...

Word. 30 of them, in fact.