Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tainted Planet

Humanity is currently in red alert - no, wait, what's worse than red? And the thing is that we don't fully realize the extent of the crisis, really.

The media, but also people around the world (which the media are sort of the thinking machines for), haven't paid the whole situation - nay, this crisis - the proper attention. I really feel we should be much more freaked out about it. These goings-on are not just something going on somewhere we've probably never visited. They really, deeply affect us, they can, and most probably will, have an impact on our lives.

Those Japs there, still fighting, all day and every day, in the nuclear plants, have already delivered their lives to the common... better-than-totally-bad (that's the only option there is left), and they keep reaffirming this with every move they make, to the best of their abilities, in the meantime. OK, you might think that they're just little yellow people*), far away from you, and thus you don't care. Still, I'll explain why you most certainly should care.

The six degrees of separation thing means that you most probably have somebody who either lives there, or at least knows somebody that lives there, and is thus is somehow a victim of the effects of this Fukushima thing. But that's not all. Even we, ourselves, are victims of it, in some way, as inhabitants of this planet. When you sit down to eat a fish, my friend, wherever you may be, you may easily be eating a fish who ate another fish that was there, in Japanese waters, with all the radioactivity around it. And I won't say a thing about the matter and foods and everything else that might travel here from there in one of numerous ways - even just in the air, nothing will stop it from being dangerous in the meanwhile.

Our planet is hereby a tainted planet. Nuclear power was our major hope - and most probably still is - in this energy crisis. But even if this crisis worried us on its own, now the cost of this answer is proven to be mightily expensive. There's no turning back - the radioactivity is out there, for much longer than our petty little lives. There's nothing, absolutely nothing, that we can do - since we haven't discovered time travel or anything - so we're living on a planet that is tainted, and can only become more tainted if it is to offer us some hope, some possible solution to other worries of ours.

* NOTE: Japanese people aren't really 'yellow'. If anything, they just freakishly remind me of robots - the-opposite-of-Uncanny-Valley-style - at times, otherwise I often admire the way they go about things as a culture, superhumanly so, even. But they can be pretty freaky, I won't deny that. Hai, soo desu.

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