Thursday, 27 September 2007

3D Butts

OK, I just had to write this down for the world to see...

I have a true, unrivalled fixation for 3D buttocks. That's female 3D model buttocks, obviously, since 90% of male 3D models in games out there are buff and brawny, and everyone who knows me is aware of my affinity for slim, "cut" male figures with almost flat buttocks. But that's a whole different blogpost.

You see, butts were the first thing to ever look "just right" in 3D, often better than it was supposed to. Three-dimensional modelled human anatomy has been violently raped in the past, since it is so damn complicated to replicate in static, let alone animate correctly. But when a hand or a face still looked like it had been moulded in hexagonal blocks, butts were already looking fiiiine.

I remember, something like 5 years or so ago, when I was busy playing Ultima Online, and UO 3D came out. I hated the engine, but I still spent ages in it, walking around, with my avatar (I think it was called a paperdoll for some reason) turned butt-facing-Mel and moving gracefully as the character walked around the streets of Britannia. And, yes, I stared and stared for hours.

And now the new Lara Croft is out, and her breasts are smaller because big ones aren't trendy right now (Ha! The day is mine!...). Well, who cares... The butt is there. And it's a treat. No ifs and buts, thankyouverymuch.

(And no. I won't play the game. I was just checking out preview pics in PCZone).


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