Thursday, 27 September 2007

Pink Gadgets

So I've been browsing through websites and store catalogues in my pre-Xmas gift-buying escapade. And along with the "what to get for which member of your family / social life" poor attempts at grouping people together, I've noticed so many "for her" items in gadgety stores (mostly online, 'cause dat's where us geeks buy dah prezzies). And what I really can't wrap my carefully coiffed head around is the assumptions made by stores regarding the female tech enthusiast (that's the female member of the species who is enthusiastic about technology, mind you, not the person who is enthusiastic about female techies).

Pink gadgets of all kinds, OK, I can accept. Not that I wouldn't go for the metallic-coloured USB coffee cup warmer rather than the pink one anyway, since it would look better next to my monitor. But stuff like an aromatherapy diffusion gadget is just... borderline offensive. Not just the fact that they are proclaimed to be "female" gadgets, but the more offensive fact that there are girls out there who would actually buy these things, or guys who would buy them for their girlfriends, and still be able to call them their girlfriends after presenting them with a gift that says "I may find you interesting, sometimes, but you're still a giiiirl"...

Actually, I think the only ones who've got it right, from what I've seen up to now, are thinkgeek... They seem to have realised that it's not hard for a girl to be geeky, and still cute or at least female enough to care.
Check them out, by the way, whether you're male or female. If you're reading this, I'm sure there's more than one novelty there that would make you consider parting with your money.

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Sarah said...

Hi Mel,

I'm curious what you think of ThinkGeek's Komen Microfiber Laptop Tote. It's targeted at geeky gals through both the design of the bag (includes pink trim) and its affiliation with a traditionally "feminine" cause.

I personally think it's awesome that 10% of the sale gets donated to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and that ThinkGeek is offering a discount on its site in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

But does this qualify as a gadget that is touted as "girly" for all the wrong reasons? Would you dump your boyfriend for assuming that you wanted something pink and morally meaningful, or would you count it as a thoughtful gift?

Just curious where you're drawing the line...